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Plants for energy production from renewable sources, connection to the power grid, energy efficient solutions and public and private construction projects.

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Wind Energy

The use of wind energy in its present form represents an improvement in energy production technology already used by humans throughout the centuries. Wind energy has been used since ancient times to make sail boats move and for the first rudimentary windmills that operated mills and lifted up water.

Wind turbines are now being used to harness wind energy. Many wind turbines together form wind farms, which are true power plants. There are also small scale wind farms which are better adapted to private homes or companies. SOAVE Engineering offers all necessary services related to the feasibility of wind power plants of any size.

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Photovoltaic technology makes it possible thus avoiding emissions harmful to the environment, climate and human health. Photovoltaic power is therefore the answer to the current environmental problems: 

  • Production of electricity without emission of pollutants
  • Fossil fuel savings;
  • No noise pollution;
  • Design solutions perfectly compatible with environmental protection regulations.

At SOAVE Engineering we guarantee a commitment to our customers and we can serve as a single point of contact. Thanks to our team of experts, we are able to follow all phases in the completion of a plant, from surveying to commissioning. 

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Hydroelectric Power

Today water scarcity is an emergency felt all over the world. Large hydropower plants are often part of the discussion because of the impact they have on the environment. For this reason the future of water seems to be in micro and mini systems which are integrated into natural reservoirs and use the constant flow of smaller rivers to obtain clean renewable energy. The production of energy from hydroelectric sources is one of the cleanest and most efficient methods of energy production.

For this type of system it is necessary to have a flowing body of water with an average constant flow, part of which will be diverted and channeled into a turbine that generates electric energy.

Our company is specialized in the design, construction, management and maintenancesystems which generate energy from renewable sources,in order to cope with the continuous increase in energy needs and to preserve the planet for future generations. 

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Electrical Works

We design plants whichtransform and transport the renewable electricity generated to connect to the national grid., “direct” to an “alternating” current and then transported to a connection point which then feeds into the national electricity grid.

Each project must be individually analyzed because of their differing requirements which depend on the type of plant (photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric, etc.) and the output to be installed. The projects designed and built by our team include:

  • Underground MV/ LV lines and overhead MV / LV lines;


  • Electrical transformer and delivery MV/LV substations (complete with protection, isolation, measurement and control equipment);
  • Electrical system serving field, transformer and delivery station;
  • Regular and security lighting for equipment rooms;
  • Alarm system and video surveillance for photovoltaic plants;
  • Transformer station 20/150 kV;
  • Electrical distribution station 150 kV;
  • Electrical transformer and distribution station 150 kV.



SOAVE Engineering offers innovative solutions for the energy efficiency market, through micro-cogeneration or trigeneration, resulting in roughly a  30% cut in costs.

The term cogeneration refers to the process of simultaneous generation of electricity and heat, which are both utilized.  Cogeneration technology uses primary energy very efficiently: with the simultaneous production of electrical (or mechanical) energy and thermal energy, waste is limited, and as a result, the overall yield increases significantly compared to having two separate production plants.



The excess electricity can be fed into the National Transmission Grid or can be stored. A particular branch of cogeneration is that of trigeneration,  where some of the heat produced by a cogeneration plant is used to generate chilled water for air conditioning or refrigeration. Our reference market is made up of users (both public and private) who have large heating requirements (hotels, healthcare facilities, offices, sports facilities, swimming pools / spas, industries, residential buildings).



Building Construction

The SOAVE studio designs public and private buildings, residential buildings, commercial and sports buildings, places of worship, and also handles recovery- restoration, contract, and interior design and urban restructuring to satisfy our client’s needs.

The design phase includes all the necessary studies, evaluations, surveys, and sampling and investigation, including those of restoration and reinforcement.

As part of construction supervision, SOAVE Engineering uses the necessary know-how to guarantee construction and delivery of projects, using both internal and external collaborators who are specialized in various fields and are able to respond to every need with punctuality, professionalism and creativity.


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