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Wind energy, that is, the energy contained in wind, comes directly from solar energy. As the sun warms the air and it becomes hotter, it tends to move. The use of wind energy in its present form represents an improvement in energy production technology already used by humans throughout the centuries. Wind energy has been used since ancient times to make sail boats move and for the first rudimentary windmills that operated mills and lifted up water.

Wind turbines are now being used to harness wind energy. Many wind turbines together form wind farms, which are true power plants. There are also small wind systems which are better adapted to private homes or companies. For any type of wind power system, however, a thorough analysis and assessment of the site is necessary.


This type of assessment, as well as assistance with required paperwork for connecting to electricity grid, assistance for possible financing, standard installation, and system certification and final inspection, are all services offered  here at SOAVE Engineering. 

Widely distributed and clean, wind power does not produce greenhouse gas emissions during its operation and only requires a minimum surface area for its construction, therefore allowing existing activities to continue.

In order to evaluate the feasibility of a wind farm or a small scale wind farm or turbine, a thorough assessment of the amount, speed and direction of the wind at the site is required. SOAVE Engineering performs the following types of services:

  • Verification of the site’s feasibility (restrictions, connectibility to grid, inspection, etc.)
  • Monitoraggio Anemometrico
  • Anemometric monitoring
  • Request to connect to Enel (and necessary documents)
  • Final Design of Project
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment Report
  • Compatibility Study Report
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Report
  • Environmental Incidence Assessment Report
  • Noise Impact Assessment Report
  • Support and preparation of paperwork for necessary approval from Cultural Heritage Authorities
  • Preparation of Detailed Design for site preparation
  • Paperwork preparation for Enel (Italian distributor of electricity and gas)
    1. Final Design 
    1. Detailed Design
    2.  As-built Enel
    3. Operation Regulations
  • Paperwork for GSE (GSE is the state-owned company which promotes and supports renewable energy sources in Italy)
  • Paperwork for Customs Agency