Energy from the Sun

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Human activity requires electricity. The last decade has been characterized by the steady growth in the use of renewable energy to reduce the exponential increase in toxic gases generated by energy production from fossil fuels.

The Sun is an important source of clean, unlimited energy, accessible in every corner of the world, and it is able to produce enough energy in one day to fuel the planet for an entire year.  Photovoltaic technology, through the use of some elements such as silicon, can convert available solar radiation into electricity without polluting.

Installing a photovoltaic system in your home is advantageous for several reasons:

  • Protects the family budget, saving you money on your electricity bill;
  • Produce your own electricity for your needs;
  • System lasts 20-25 years;
  • Minimum maintenance required.

Thanks to our team of technicians, SOAVE Engineering offers our customers the professionalism required to follow all phases of a photovoltaic system installation, from site verification to grid connection.

Photovoltaic technology is continually being researched and developed, especially to improve performance. Photovoltaic systems harness solar radiation and transform it directly into energy and electricity, without negative effects on human health, the environment or the climate.

This renewable source is therefore an appropriate response to current environmental problems, an opportunity with a number of benefits:

  • Electricity production without emitting pollutants;
  • Fossil fuel savings;
  • No noise pollution;
  • Design solutions perfectly compatible with protecting the land and environment.

For this type of installation, SOAVE Engineering offers these services:


  • Verification of the site’s feasibility (restrictions, connectibility to grid, inspection, etc.)
  • Request to connect to Enel (and necessary documents)
  • Final Design of Project
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment Report
  • Compatibility Study Report
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Report
  • Environmental Incidence Assessment Report
  • Noise Impact Assessment Report
  • Support and preparation of paperwork for necessary approval from Cultural Heritage Authorities


  • Preparation of Detailed Design for site preparation
  • Paperwork preparation for Enel (Italian distributor of electricity and gas)
    1. Final Design
    2. Detailed Design
    3.  As-built Enel
    4. Operation Regulations
  • Paperwork for GSE (GSE is the state-owned company which promotes and supports renewable energy sources in Italy)
  • Paperwork for Customs Agency