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Preventive Analysis for Installing Wind Power Plants

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Anemological studies aim to find the areas best-suited for wind farms in order maximize their perfomance.

Investigating the potential energy of a site is extremely important when building large and small wind farms, and it is recommended in order to have a good idea of its feasibility. To do this, an anemometric campaign to collect data is required for a minimum of one year. This is divided into several phases:

  • Selecting areas of potential interest
  • Assessing potential of terrain for installation of wind power plants
  • Installing anemometric tower or LIDAR
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data processing
  • Assessing potential energy of site.

La SOAVE Engineering also offers:

  • Full support with anemometric stations including LIDAR
  • Full support with tubular anemometric stations
  • Full support with lattice structure anemometric stations
  • Installation, maintenance and management
  • Data collection
  • Conforming Anemometric stations to current air traffic regulations.

After collecting data, the measurements are processed to obtain an estimate of the plant’s energy output. The analyses are carried out with WinPRO.

With this software we take into account the site-specific wind data, but also the orographic effects, terrain roughness, and barriers on-site and at the point of measurement so we can better estimate the actual amount of wind generated by the wind turbines.

By combining the wind data with the technical characteristics of the wind turbines and the layout of the project, and linking these data to the turbine’s power curve, it is possible to precisely predict the potential of the proposed wind park and to identify possible disturbances caused by other wind turbines that may be present.